Code of conduct

Rubb Building Systems is an active member in the community of Sanford Maine and in York County. Rubb is actively involved with the local YMCA, United Way, and a dependable sponsor of local charities.



The business of the Rubb Group will be conducted at all times with the utmost respect for the dignity of our employees, our customers, our suppliers and of the greater community in which we work and live. We value a diversity of thinking and opinion and we are committed to fair employment practices. All employment related decisions will be made without regard to race, color, creed, religion, age, gender, national origin, disability, sexual orientation or military status. There will be no tolerance for harassment or discrimination in the Rubb workplace.


In all business dealings honesty, integrity and fairness will be our first priority. Management will reinforce the importance of our code of ethical conduct and set the tone from the top. Even the appearance of conflicts of interest will be avoided and potential conflicts will be fully disclosed. We will carefully follow the laws of the jurisdictions in which we operate as well as the ethics policies of those organizations we do business with. Our employees will avoid the acceptance or offer of any gift or inappropriate benefit that could be reasonably construed to affect the judgment or loyalty of the individual(s) involved.


We will commit ourselves to protecting employees and other stakeholders from threats to physical safety and other harms. We will endeavor to provide a safe, healthy, drug-free and secure workplace for our employees. We will train employees to be attentive to hazard prevention and to immediately report accidents, injuries, unsafe equipment, practices or conditions.


We will commit ourselves to preserving and protecting both our property and the property of others and to responsibly protecting the natural environment. We will protect, secure and properly maintain company assets including both physical and intellectual property. Trade secrets and confidential strategies, personnel and financial records, technical data and other company assets will be maintained and used only as authorized and never for improper personal use or gain.


We will strive to establish and maintain a culture of trust, openness, integrity and excellence in our business practices. Our management will maintain an open door policy and will welcome suggestions and concerns from all employees and stakeholders. Our goal will be to consistently and constantly improve all aspects of our operations with dedication to product and service quality excellence.


We will be committed to acting for the long term benefit of our customers, our vendors and our company. This commitment extends not only to providing quality products and services in a timely fashion. It also extends to acting with fairness and integrity in all business dealings and insuring the accuracy and integrity of customer billings, financial reporting and all forms of communication with our board of directors, employees, customers and all other stakeholders.


All directors, officers, employees and authorized representatives of the Rubb Group of companies are subject to this code of conduct. We recognize the importance of working together to foster a positive and productive team work environment. We also understand that the company’s success and our continued employment are dependent on working in accordance with the principles herein.

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