A Rubb Service Department: Then and Now

George Roberts Company, a concrete pre-cast company in Alfred, Maine, originally contracted Rubb to build a 39’ x 30’ THA work shed back in 2004.


The original structure, pictured top right, performed well for 13 years while enduring heavy daily use and potent Maine winters.


Rubb’s Service Team visited the site in June 2017 and proposed to replace the building’s well-worn fabric cladding. Roberts told Rubb they needed 2’ more clearance. That was no problem for Rubb. The old fabric was removed, the building moved, and then Roberts, working with Rubb Service, provided the height required via pre-cast foundation blocks.


The hot dipped galvanized steel frame, still in outstanding condition, was re-set atop the foundation then the structure was re-skinned with 28oz PVC which should last another 13-15 years. This affordable solution was completed in 3 days. This was a great outcome for both customer and Rubb.


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