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Frame systems

Steel and aluminum fabrication at Rubb begins with the purchase of materials from local steel providers. All materials are inspected before being passed on to the factory. Rubb uses a wide range of steel components from 25mm thick steel sheets for plasma cutting to rectangular, angle and hollow sections.

Material is then cut and shaped to the correct length shown on the design drawings. While raw materials are being prepared, Rubb’s fully qualified welding teams assemble jigs to fabricate legs, roofs and purlins. Teams work together efficiently along with the design department to manufacture all components. Assemblies are then ready to be visually checked by welding coordinators before going through the galvanizing procedure.

Cover technology

Ordered from a long-standing provider. All materials delivered to Rubb go through a visual and batch number inspection before being passed on to the factory. Rubb uses a wide range of PVC fabric colors depending on customers’ specifications.

The PVC production team rolls out the material and cuts out the required section according to the designs provided by the drawing office. The PVC sections are then passed over to the welding team where the fabric is fusion welded together to create roof sheets, gable ends and sidewall drop sheets. Throughout this process, project superiors are visually checking all welds to ensure the best quality results.

All completed PVC sheets are then correctly folded and packed to project specific configurations to improve erecting time and to protect the PVC.

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