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With thousands of shelters and buildings spanning locations across the globe, it's common to find news sources and magazines talking about innovative and durable Rubb Buildings.

thermohall insulated mro hangars

Teamwork to Change a Region

Aviation Pros


When the new AAR MRO facility at Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) opened in 2016, a new era began, which could impact the region’s economy for years to come...


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correct insulation for mro hangars thermohall

Rubb Building Systems Perfects Thermohall® Insulated Buildings

Aviation Pros


Whether to keep warm, keep cool, keep dry or keep safe, Rubb Thermohall® insulation system has become an industry leader in insulated buildings especially in the hangar, cargo, and sport building markets...


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Rubb AAR MRO hangar

Rockford Int'l Builds Mega Maintenance Facility Despite Freeze on State Funds

Airport Improvement


RFD's new 203,000-square-foot structure has enough room to accommodate two Boeing 747-800s or two Airbus A380s at the same time, and is expected to operate 24 hours per day...


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Spot the Rubb Militay hangar

Spot the Rubb Militay hangar



There is a growing need to include an ever-increasing number of participants on a Link-16 network. This can include military helicopters, such as naval support rotorcraft...


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Rubb Canadian agent Aztec Group

Rubb Announces a Multi-Year Alliance with Aztec Group


Rubb Inc., a subsidiary of the Rubb Group AS, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of galvanized steel framed fabric covered structures, is pleased to announce the appointment of Aztec Group as its Canadian agent...


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New Rubb group website

Rubb Group has a New Home


The new Rubb Group website has landed featuring all the latest company and industry information, innovations, projects, news, events and media.


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Rubb large aviation hangar

Hawaiian Airlines Hangar in Progres


When Hawaiian Airlines found the need for a new maintenance hangar as well as an air cargo facility, Rubb was keen to take on the project. With the maintenance hangar at a length of 347' and the air cargo facility at a length of 190', and both at a clear span width of 275', this will be Rubb's largest clear span building to date.


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miltary hangar afghanistan

Second Rubb Building at Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan


Cocoon, Inc. purchased their first Rubb Building to be erected at the Bagram Airfield in Afghanistan in 2009. Pleased with the results of the first hangar, which is designed to accommodate a C-130 aircraft and has a clear span width of 174' with a 153' wide by 46' high door, Cocoon contacted Rubb again in 2013 when the need arose for a second military aircraft hangar at Bagram Airfield.


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Rubb military aircraft hangar

Nigerian Military Hangar Complex


The Nigerian Military turned to McAfee Design in Atlanta, Georgia to develop a series of hangars and office facilities in Benin City, Nigeria. McAfee partnered with Genesis Environmental Construction in Dallas, Texas, to fulfill structural requirements for the office buildings. Genesis then contracted Rubb Building Systems in Sanford, Mane to provide the hangar portion of the project.


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Mining Truck Maintenance and Assembly Facility

Mining Truck Maintenance and Assembly Facility


Labrador City, Labrador is located 53 degrees north of the equator and some 930 miles north of Rubb, Inc's factory in Sanford, Maine. With a harsh climate and average snowfall of 12 feet (366 cm), Labrador is home to some of the worst weather in North America.


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Interview with David Nickerson

Specialty Fabrics Review - David Nickerson Encourages Industry Guidelines


David Nickerson applies high standards to building fabric structures and encourages industry players to set collective guidelines.

"At the end of the day, I want to be able to look myself in the mirror," says David Nickerson, president of Rubb Inc. in Sanford, Maine. "And that means designing to the building code-period."


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Bulk Storage and Salt Production storage shelter

Bulk Storage and Salt Production Facility


Hissong Development Corporation, part of the Hissong Group of companies of Kennebunk, Maine, recently erected a Rubb structure at their bulk storage facility in South Portland, Maine as part of a commercial salt bagging operation. The BVE structure measures 100' wide by 283' in length with a sidewall height of 10', it sits atop an 8' tall poured in place concrete wall...


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state of the art aeroplane hangars

Rubb's Structure Named Frequent Flyer


Rubb, Inc. recently discovered that their order #07115 became a "frequent flyer," serving three separate locations around the world in support of CH2MHILL- a long term customer of Rubb.

On October 15, 2007, Rubb order #07115 started out like any other project: sign a contract, get drawings approved, engineer and fabricate the structure, ship it out. Little did they know that this particular 70' by 83' BVE with I-beam foundation, various doors and a simple electrical system would be relocated in a period of just over four years, to Wahiawa, Hawaii; Aberdeen, Maryland and now to Columboola, Australia.


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Rubb bulk storage warehouses

Factory Equipment - Warehouse proud: Making the A-list of storage facilities


Rubb Buildings has provided a military hardware storage and maintenance facility, under dehumidified conditions, the second of its kind at the Royal Marines Base Chivenor, near Barnstaple, Devon.


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Rubb custom sports halls

QA Education - Sports Halls


Rubb are at the top of their league in Sports Hall division.

The company has netted a successful entry into the market thanks to two key points: Rubb's experience in pioneering the design and manufacture of permanent and relocatable fabric engineered buildings over the last 40 years and total quality in product delivery.


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Sports Hall projects

Stadia - Hall of Fame


Rubb Buildings has built up an impressive CV of Sports Hall projects over the last four decades.

Rubb Buildings has more than 40 years' experience in the design and manufacture of permanent and relocatable fabric engineered buildings.


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Rubb Salt storage Shed

Rubb Lands First Salt Shed in New York


Rubb, Inc. recently provided the Town of Pelham, NY with a custom salt shed for their Public Works Department.

Working with MVM Construction, Rubb, Inc. fabricated and installed the 30' x 65' BVR structure in less than 90 days. The building features two 20' x 20' sidewall openings to facilitate salt and sand loading operations.


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Royal visit to Rubb hangar

A Right Royal visit for Rubb


From gymnastics to soccer, tennis, hockey or basketball, Rubb Buildings can get you under cover quickly and cost effectively.

Rubb buildings provide bright, clear span space with materials and engineering that ensure a long trouble free structure life...


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Rubb multi use spot facilities

The Bursar's Review


From gymnastics to soccer, tennis, hockey or basketball, Rubb Buildings can get you under cover quickly and cost effectively.

Rubb buildings provide bright, clear span space with materials and engineering that ensure a long trouble free structure life...


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special designed sports buildings

QA Education


Rubb Buildings sports design is perfect goal.

Rubb Buildings has delivered another winning sport's building to Erin's Own Lavey GAC in Galladuff, Northern Ireland.


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BVE Storage building

BVE Type Storage Facility for the Town of Sanford

Maine USA


Rubb has recently finished fabrication for a new salt storage facility for the Town of Sanford, Maine. After two years of providing several options to the town, a 70ft (21.34m) x 80ft (24.39m) BVE Rubb structure with 16.4ft (5m) sidewalls was chosen.


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crane movable storage building

BVR Type Storage Facility for Metro Ports

Long Beach, California USA


Metro Port was looking for a small structure that could be relocated with a crane around its site. The structure was designed and manufactured with multiple custom openings which allow the usage of a specialized conveyor system to load bulk material.


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US army storage hangar kandahar

Storage Facilities for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Kandahar, Afghanistan


Rubb, Inc. and Cocoon, Inc. recently collaborated in the design, delivery and installation of eight maintenance hangars and two sun shades for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The hangars and sunshades are designed to accommodate Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV's) and were provided as part of a major ramp expansion project at the Kandahar Airbase, Afghanistan..


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Ray Colby Rubb Buildings

Factory Equipment News

Summer 2010


Rubb says farewell to Ray after 32 years.

Rubb Buildings sales manager Ray Colby, who helped turn the business into a world leader in the design and manufacture of relocatable fabric structures, has retired from the company.


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Tornado aircraft hangar

Daily Star - Hell's Bells

May 2010


"SCRAMBLE!" The bell is ringing and the air crew are sprinting to their Tornado bombers.

Within minutes, the RAF fliers will be airborne and on their way to the aid of troops fighting for their lives anywhere in war-torn Afghanistan.


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Rubb hangars in Afghanistan

Twelve Rubb Buildings Destined for Afghan Deployment



Rubb is in a class of its own after winning a large contract which will see 12 military buildings deployed to Afghanistan throughout 2010. The company's design team has taken the EFASS range of hangars to the next dimension with four of the structures featuring newly developed wider Helidoor technology.


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large airport facility

Rail Mounted Facility for Aircraft Repair Company

Texas, USA


When a leading aircraft maintenance, repair and over-haul company needed a custom rail-mounted shelter system at its large airport facility, it turned to Rubb, Inc. to design, fabricate and install two of these systems."


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school sports halls

School Sport Magazine

April/May 2010


Secondary education institutions, universities, communities and the private sector are increasingly recognizing the advantage of being able to practice and play in poor weather conditions.


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