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Aker Solutions Stord, Norway Marine Project

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Aker Solutions
Stord, Norway
The 20m x 42m NV-type building is owned by Aker Solutions and located on Stord, an island south of Bergen, Norway. This building dates back to the 1980s and Rubb Hall AS recently changed the fabric on the building that was well over 20 years old. The galvanized framework was in excellent condition so it was a simple task to replace the fabric in a few days.   Life expectancy of the fabric on a Rubb building is comparable to the life of a conventionally roofed building, and the cost to replace fabric on a building is competitive with the costs to re-roof a building. The life expectancy of the galvanized frame is significantly longer; as in this case, after 20 years the frame will typically show little to no damage and be expected to last for decades longer.   Aker Solutions AS is one of Norway's largest offshore/oil platform related yards. They manufacture some of the largest oil platforms in the North Sea and are prensently finalizing the building of two very large deep sea oil platforms. These platforms are specially made to tolerate severe weather conditions in areas like the Barents Sea and can also operate on extreme depths. Aker have had Rubb Buildings for over 30 years and Rubb Hall AS is continuously re-covering some of the older Rubb structures.
20.00 m (65.62 ft)

42.00 m (137.8 ft)