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Rapid Deployment Shelters - RDS

military rapid deployment shelter

Rapid supply, deployment and relocation: the key to rapid response

Hot on the heels of supplying the British Army with 85 personnel shelters (Improved Tented Camps) for the severe winter weather conditions of Bosnia, Rubb has further developed its product line to meet new military requirements.

Military Rapid Deployment Shelter

In-line with the establishment of Britain's new Rapid Deployment Force, for quick response to crises around the world, Rubb has created a range of RDS - Rapid Deployment Shelters. The original product was manufactured to meet United Nations requirements for Sierra Leone when a total of 115 19.6' x 19.6' (6m x 6m) shelters were needed within an 8 week period.

The RDS is a direct result of Rubb's policy of continuous research and development to help meet rapidly changing military requirements. The RDS has been further refined and is now available in lightweight and heavyweight versions to meet varying weather conditions.

Our partnership with Cocoon, Inc. allows us to offer full environmental control systems that continuously monitor and control both temperature and humidity inside all military structures.

There are four main benefits to the RDS:

  1. The shelters take up little storage space and are therefore easy to transport. Up to 29 individual shelters can be stored in one 40' (12.19m) container.
  2. Each shelter can be fully erected within 2 hours by a team of four with no requirement for heavy lifting equipment.
  3. Once erected, the shelters can be interlinked to form larger facilities, and are supplied with groundsheets, flooring and an easy to install lighting systems.
  4. The shelters can be climatically controlled to meet the variety of worldwide climates.


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