Military Aircraft Hangars & Shelters - Relocatable Field Buildings

Military Aircraft Hangars & Shelters

relocatable military buildings

Rapid supply, deployment and relocation are the key attributes of Rubb Military Shelters that make them ideally suited to military uses worldwide.

Military Aircraft Hangar

Rubb structures can be deployed wherever the need arises, recovered and then easily stored after use.

These structures are highly reliable with standardized designs that reduce the number of components allowing for compact, efficient storage and minimum inventory requirements. Used by Britian's Royal Air Force, the USAF, and other branches of the military, these shelters are field-tested and suitable for the harshest environments on earth.

Our partnership with Cocoon, Inc. allows us to offer full environmental control systems that continuously monitor and control both temperature and humidity inside all military structures.

Rapid supply, deployment and relocation - The key to rapid response.

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Rubb partners with the Northern Defence Industries Limited and AeroSpace Defense Security (A|D|S).

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