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Mining & Energy Facilities Buildings


The design and planning flexibility, speed of construction and durable, cost effective operation of Rubb mining facility buildings provide our clients with a number of unique benefits and a major competitive edge.











Mining machinery & equipment storage solutions




Rubb Buildings meet the high demands of the energy and mining industry sectors - they are robustly engineered to stand up to tough climatic conditions and can be erected quickly at remote locations. Rubb offers a wide range of buildings suitable for temporary or permanent facilities solutions.


Rubb structures have unparalleled engineering and design capability to provide customized solutions to complex mining project needs including high wall buildings and liftable buildings. They are ideal for use as a base during construction, for warehousing of vehicles, mining machinery and equipment storage, for bulk mineral storage and on-site workshops.


Our steel framed PVC membrane clad structures offer the ideal solution for companies operating in the mining and exploration sector. Applications include vehicle storage and equipment maintenance workshops, bulk storage warehouses for environmentally sensitive materials, explosives and mineral processing facilities and a wide range of custom structures.


Rubb structures offer protection for valuable mineral commodities such as copper, zinc and lead while in storage on site and at ports. They can be climate controlled by applying HVAC and dehumidification systems. They may also be used as cost effective solutions for the bulk storage of iron-ore and coal.


Tension fabric structures are available to protect oil and gas projects and activities from the elements. Shelters also offer cover for oil and gas rigs and platforms while under construction, protecting workers from wind and snow. They are simple to erect and can be relocated or packed away for later use. Rubb designs also offer our clients the ability to cost-effectively adapt the structures as operational needs change.



mining building projects



With over 35 years experience designing, manufacturing and constructing bulk mining facilties, spanning many different applications, Rubb has built up relationships with many high profile mining and exploration clients across the globe.




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