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Military buildings & aircraft hangars


Rapid deployment, supply and relocation are the key attributes of Rubb Military Buildings that make them ideally suited for military aircraft hangars, sunshades, equipment storage and other military uses worldwide.











Military shelters to suit your application




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Rubb’s military shelters can be deployed wherever the need arises, recovered and then easily stored after use. These military structures are highly reliable with standardized designs that reduce the number of components allowing for compact, efficient storage and minimum inventory requirements. Used by Britian's Royal Air Force, the USAF, and other branches of the military, our military hangars are field-tested and suitable for the harshest environments on earth.


The Rubb EFASS range provides durable and field maintainable engineered fabric military hangars to support defense requirements in difficult environmental conditions, the most challenging climates and demanding terrain. Rubb's military aircraft hangars, rapid deployment military shelters, military warehouses, aircraft sunshades, UAV shelters and defense workshops are fully demountable for future missions.


Our partnership with Cocoon, Inc. allows us to offer full environmental control systems that continuously monitor and control both temperature and humidity inside a Rubb military hangar.



Military projects



With over 35 years experience of designing, manufacturing and constructing custom military structures for all applications we have built up relationships with many different military organizations across the globe.











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