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Military buildings & aircraft hangars


Rapid deployment, supply and relocation are the key attributes of Rubb Military Buildings that make them ideally suited for military aircraft hangars, sunshades, equipment storage and other military uses worldwide.











Military shelters to suit your application




Rubb military structures can be deployed wherever the need arises offering foundation flexibility, rapid deployment and relocateability. Rubb buildings are modular, flexible and customizable to fit your exact specs and our high standards. Rubb got its start with military structures supplying the British RAF with numerous buildings during the Falklands War and have been supplying the US military and many other military organizations with time tested, quality products for decades.


Rubb’s partnership with Cocoon, Inc, a respected military materials supplier allows us to offer full environmental control systems often needed in various climates. Rubb Thermohall® insulation system provides a unique patented insulation blanket effective in both extreme cold and hot environments.


Rubb supplies


  • Fixed base hangars
  • Flight line (DASS)
  • UAV structures
  • Deployable EFASS hangars
  • Sunshades
  • Warehousing
  • Emergency relief shelters



Military projects



With over 35 years experience of designing, manufacturing and constructing custom military structures for all applications we have built up relationships with many different military organizations across the globe.











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