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Salt & Sand Storage Sheds


Rubb Building Systems is recognized as a worldwide leader in innovative, practical and cost-effective salt and sand storage solutions.











The ideal salt storage shed solution




Rubb’s salt storage buildings offer an effective alternative to wooden and metal bulk storage facilities. Our salt and sand storage barns can be designed to accommodate conveyors and other loading methods: retaining side walls, utilizing Rubb’s innovative BulkBlock™ foundation system can also be integrated to resist lateral loadings.


Rubb salt sheds and sand storage buildings are engineered and detailed to exacting standards. The materials and methods incorporated into our product are chosen to provide a structure with an expected life of over 20 years with minimal to no long-term maintenance.


Rubb salt storage sheds are specifically designed to hold up in difficult environmental and corrosive conditions, making them the ideal containment solution.. Rubb offers a variety of flexible foundation options, including the Rubb designed BulkBlock™ foundation system, making our salt barns even more efficient and affordable.

Rubb BulkBlocks™




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Salt Sheds Rubb Difference


  • Better Corrosion Protection
  • Better Cladding
  • Better Engineering
  • 30+ Years Experience


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Salt Barn projects



With over 35 years experience designing, manufacturing and constructing salt and sand storage buildings, Rubb has built up relationships with many municipalities, DOT departments and bilk road salt distributors across the globe.







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