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Emergency Relief Shelters


Rubb’s emergency relief shelters provide easily transported and easily erected rapid-response buildings for disaster recovery and emergency aid situations.











Rapid Response Structures




aid accommodation shelter aid storage shelter Temporary and Relocatable vehicle maintenance shelter




These emergency shelters can be erected by local labor with simple tools and minimal lifting gear. Foundation requirements are simple allowing installation on a wide range of surfaces. Given adequate labor availability, a Rubb emergency relief structures can be erected in a few hours and then can be re-deployed to meet later emergencies at other locations. Rubb’s temporary emergency relief shelters are fully air transportable.



Our emergency relief shelters have several key advantages over other temporary building products:



Readily Transported: Shelters pack to less than 1% of their erected volume, efficiently fit in ISO containers and are also suitable for air transport.


Durable: Heavier weight, PVC coated fabric is fire safe and UV resistant. Post production hot dip galvanizing of welded components ensures long structure life.

Easily Installed: Relief shelters are readily erected with simple tools and equipment. Components are color coded for ease of identification. Maximum parts interchangeability and detailed instruction manuals simplify installation.


Light Weight Alternatives: Aluminum frame versions of the THAB and RDS range of emergency shelters are ideal for air freight.

Space Efficient: High inclined sidewalls and rectangular footprint provide more usable volume per unit floor area.


Assemble Anywhere: With Rubb relief shelters, an emergency relief camp can be quickly erected using unskilled labor and experienced supervision.



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