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Temporary Construction Shelters


Over the years, Rubb has supplied a large number of temporary construction shelters and relocatable jobsite buildings to the construction industry for all-weather protection or valuable construction equipment and machinery.











Economical adaptable structures




By getting personnel, construction materials and valuable machinery under cover quickly and economically, work can progress at a faster pace to meet project deadlines and insure higher product quality.


The rugged nature of Rubb construction shelters allows relocation and reuse at jobsite after jobsite. On many projects, the efficiencies gained by use of a Rubb shelter will pay back the cost of the structure on the initial project. Our fabric buildings are easily moved around, or quickly relocated to another jobsite, making them a flexible, durable, and valuable shelter for construction projects of all types.



Construction projects



With over 35 years experience designing, manufacturing and constructing bulk construction facilities, spanning many different applications, Rubb has built up relationships with many high profile construction clients across the globe.




liftsble construction shelter




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