Fabric Storage Buildings


Rubb storage buildings are the ideal solution to help companies accommodate their expansion plans or meet changing logistical needs.











Ideal storage solutions




Rubb’s fabric storage buildings offer an effective alternative to traditional bulk storage solutions. Our storage structures are readily configured to accommodate conveyors and other loading methods, and retaining side walls can also be integrated to resist lateral loadings.


Our storage facilities can be readily converted or relocated to store unitized products allowing a much more flexible storage alternative than bulk storage silos. These facilities also accommodate differential site settlement allowing simplified foundations. Size and shape can be customized both to suite the type of material stored as well as the site on which it is placed. They have been used to store materials such as biomass, perlite, coal, iron ore, and often serve as warehousing and salt storage buildings for municipalities in cold climates.


Rubb can provide airy, translucent roof bulk storage buildings with ample natural light or provide bulk storage facilities for animal feed, which needed to be completely secured against weather and light. In the case of sealed bulk storage, the walls consist of a steel support structure complete with pre-stressed concrete infill panels which allow for quick and easy construction. This method provides a fully sealed facility to prevent water ingress and also allows for internal retaining walls to be built for different bulk storage needs. Apart from the advantage of lower costs and speed of erection, Rubb bulk storage buildings are flexible enough to be built on ground susceptible to differential settlement and have much lower maintenance costs than traditional bulk storage facilities.



Storage projects



With over 35 years experiance designing, manufacturing and constructing bulk storage facilties, spanning many different applications, Rubb has built up relationships with many high profile clients across the globe.







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