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Aircraft Hangars &
Aviation Storage


Rubb has supplied aircraft hangars, air cargo facilities and ground support buildings, including airport terminals, to numerous airlines, airports, and military organizations throughout the world.



Rubb airplane hangar user benefits


In the competitive world of commercial and military aviation, Rubb hangars provide major advantages over other structures. Rubb buildings can be cost effectively extended or reduced in size or even relocated to another site to respond to changing logistical considerations. For military aviation, rapid installation in almost any environment or terrain can be of vital importance.



  • Bright, efficient and safe working environment
  • Extremely low lifetime maintenance cost
  • Space and resource efficient
  • Quickly erected or dismantled and relocated
  • Dependably engineered and manufactured
  • All welded fabrications post production hot dip galvanized
  • Many hangars are air transportable for quick deployment
  • Proven in use with major airlines including British Airways, United and American




Aircraft hangar solutions to suit your application




Aircraft MRO buildings


MRO & Storage


Rubb aircraft hangars are custom designed to suit our clients' specific MRO and storage specifications. We work closely with end users to ensure the hangar design, dimensions and shape incorporate the most efficient use of available space.


Airport air cargo hangar


Air Cargo Facilities


Looking for a cargo storage solution that is cost effective, reliable and efficient? Rubb has years of experience designing, manufacturing and constructing fabric air cargo facilities, ideal for your handling, processing and storage needs.


Temporary and Relocatable terminals


Airport Terminals


If you are interested in a cutting edge or unique design, Rubb has partnered with outstanding architectural and design firms on multiple airport terminal projects. Rubb buildings provide a bright working environment and flexibility of expansion or relocation.



Rapid speed of erection and low life cycle costs are attractive features of our fabric airplane hangars. Also the ability to relocate the aircraft hangar, terminal or air cargo facility anywhere in the world is an advantage. With the added benefits of a very bright interior in both day and night working conditions, our aircraft structures provide a convenient working space suitable for many aviation applications.



The hot dipped galvanized structural frame and exterior cladding system minimizes lifetime maintenance costs. The fire safety performance characteristics of the PVC membrane allows for flexibility in optimizing fire suppression systems, providing greater protection for any airplane hangar.



Our military aircraft hangars are used by multiple military organizations in challenging environments around the world, while major commercial airlines use our buildings for repair, maintenance, and storage at airports across the globe.






Aviation hangar & shelter projects



With over 35 years experience of designing, manufacturing and constructing custom airplane hangars we have built up relationships with high profile aviation clients across the globe.





rubbsL-3 Communications maintenance hangar




Chicago Rockford International Airport (RFD) has a new strategic MRO hub featuring dual 91.5m span hangars built by Rubb Building Systems...

rubbsL-3 Communications maintenance hangar




When L-3 Communications needed additional modification hangar space at their Waco, Texas location, they turned to Rubb to again design a structure specifically and cost effectively suited to their needs...

LAX baggage hangar




Rubb membrane clad structures have proven to be a very effective solution for air cargo handling operations throughout North America...

AirTran maintenance hangar




Rubb, Inc. was contracted to build the largest relocatable hangar they have manufactured to date, measuring 270ft wide by 210ft long, with sidewalls that consist of concrete tilt up panels 30ft high...

airport baggage facility




This 101.7' (63m) by 400' (122m) long twin link structure is similar to the two previous United Airlines air cargo facilities at JFK International Airport and Honolulu International Airport...

Aviation Structure Types


Please view the ideal Rubb structure types for your hangar project below. Different size hangars are available to accommodate all commercial aircraft.






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