Portable Industrial Buildings - Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

Industrial Buildings - Manufacturing Facilities and Warehouses

Rubb offers the versatility that industry needs. Many of our structures find use with multiple owners in different locations and for different applications than the structure was originally supplied for.

Industrial Building

Very few investments in buildings offer the same total flexibility you get with Rubb. Relocate, extend, or resell - all the options are always open to you.

Manufacturing industries of many types are using Rubb buildings and shelters to augment their storage or production capacity.

The inherent flexibility of Rubb buildings allows manufacturers to maximize their return on investment and lower the risk associated with managing expansion in a growing business environment.

Problem Solving with Rubb Industrial Storage Buildings

Hydro Aluminium - Norway

Now you can have a storage facility on uneven ground

Hydro Aluminium, one of the world's largest producers of aluminum, was recently facing a storage problem at their plant at Karmøy, Norway. They urgently needed additional on-site storage facilities to hold a large order of aluminum ingots but, because the ground surrounding the plant was so uneven, options were extremely limited.

Rubb Buildings' associated Norwegian company, based in Bergen, was able to design, manufacture and install one of its NV type buildings to allow for the sloping ground.

Considerable challenges had to be overcome. To accommodate a .98' (30cm) drop from one end of the site to the other, the concrete foundations have a varying height to make the building level and the doors have angled door blades at their bases.

When completed, the building was 49.21' (15m) wide x 167.32' (51m) long x 13.12' (4m) high sidewalls, with 6 vertical folding doors on one side and the personnel doors on the other.

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