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What goes into a Rubb Relocatable Building?


A primary advantage of Rubb custom design is its ability to be provided in virtually any configuration to suit your needs.


Other major benefits of Rubb structures are their speed of delivery and erection, minimal foundation requirements and complete relocatability or extension at any time. This provides several advantages over conventional structures and allows for quick response to changing circumstances.


Because Rubb products are so easy to deploy or relocate, an investment in a Rubb structure should never be thought of in the conventional terms of "fixed assets." Rubb buildings are often resold and put to an entirely different use elsewhere in the world so there is never a danger of making a serious investment mistake when you specify Rubb.



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Rubb has earned a reputation for tackling difficult and unique projects. We have developed substantial, relocatable buildings that can be moved about on wheels or rails or even lifted around a job site in fully erected form.


We offer a strong commitment to compliance with the most rigorous engineering and material quality standards and urge our customers to fully compare our product's strength and materials to those of any other manufacturer. Many of our design features are unique and are covered by U.S. and other patents.



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