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Questions to Ask Before
You Buy

Distinguishing "substance over style" is critical... Rubb encourages you to ask the following:



1. Does the building meet code compliance for snow, wind, seismic events and fire retardation?


Rubb is a quality and engineering driven company. We have been certified to the ISO 9001:2000 quality standard since 1997. Our building products are designed strictly to building code requirements, including a minimum roof live load, ground snow load capability, and wind load capacity. All of our welded structural steel components post-production are hot-dip galvanized to the ASTM A-123 standard after fabrication to provide superior corrosion protection, and we use a standard 28 oz/sy PVC coated polyester membrane with PVDF top finish that meet fire safety testing certifications and have a proven record of reliability. Read about Rubb Quality.



2. What and how long is building warrantied?


Rubb proudly stands behind its products. We manufacture quality products that have and will continue to pass the test of time. The Rubb 20/20 warranty is unmatched in our industry providing real coverage and value to our customers. Rubb offers a FULL protection guarantee for 3 years from purchase, then a generous prorated protection plan for the balance of the 20 years. Rubb's warranty is written in clear terms including all restrictions and limitations. The Rubb warranty is unique in the building industry by not only covering the building structure but also including labor and freight costs.


Remember, the best long term guarantee for success is always to buy the right product from a reputable and established company. We encourage you to look closely at all offered warranties and determine if the "fine print" protects your long term investment. A long term warranty is no guarantee of quality if the customer pays a majority of the repair cost. Here at Rubb we do not believe in fine print because we trust in our products and will continue to stand by them with pride.



3. Is the structure independent of the cladding? Is aluminum used? How much steel is used? Is the steel hot dip galvanized?


Rubb buildings are structurally independent of the membrane, we use more steel than most in the industry and all our steel is hot dip galvanized to prevent corrosion and increase longevity. Learn More.



4. What kind of fabric/membrane is used?


The Rubb standard membrane cladding is a 28 ounce/sq yd PVC coated polyester with a PVDF top finish. Rubb's first US building (1983)in Portland Me harbor is still in use with its original membrane. Be wary of polyethylene or polyolefin type membranes. Learn More.



5. Can building be constructed with local crews thus saving on construction costs?


Rubb buildings can be erected by untrained crews with assistance of a certified Rubb site technician.



6. Is relocatability important?


Rubb buildings can be designed to be permanent or easily relocatable.



7. What if I take a risk and purchase a lesser building in order to save $?


Generally the cost of a building failure with its various associated hardships far exceeds the cost of "doing it right".



8. Maintenance costs and issues?


Rubb buildings offer energy savings by utilizing natural light and are comparatively inexpensive to repair.





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